Enjoy and love Mongolia with us

Highlights of the tour

  • Explore Gobi, Central, Northern Mongolia and Western Mongolia
  • Learn nomadic life
  • Chances to take photography
  • Horse and Camel riding
  • Mongolian traditional concert

Mongolia, this mysterious country is well known to the world for its glorious ancient history, unique culture and arts, indigenous species of wildlife, untouched beautiful landscapes of diverse terrain: forest mountains, hilly steppes, the Gobi Desert and the hospitable nomadic people. This fantastic trip is specially designed to bring you all these unique Mongolian features. The tour starts from Altai region is settled by human ancestors since Lower Paleolithic period or 300 thousand years ago containing precious records of petroglyphs and graveyards. Glamorous fresh water lakes are the main fascination of the area. Kazakh is the main ethnic group with colorful culture and rich history. Originally, Kazakhs are the descendents of the Hereid tribes and settled down in Bayan Ulgii aimag in 1940 after hundreds of years travelling. 
Second of the tour takes you to the Gobi Desert and its wonderful sites: Ongi monastery ruins, Bayanzag the Flaming Cliffs, the Khongor sand dunes and the Yoliin Am. 
The next half of the tour takes you to the clear Lake Huvsgul at the beautiful Horidol Saridag mountains, picturesque Khorgo-Terkh National Park and the ancient capital at Karakorum.

Day by day itineraries

Day1. Arrival in Mongolia and make short city tour in UB (D)
Day2. Fly to Ulgii and Tsagaan Gol (B/L/D)
Day3.  Trekking to the Base Camp of Altai Tavan Bogd (B/L/D)
Day4-5. Trekking back to the Tsagaan Gol and drive to Ulgii (B/L/D)
Day6. Fly back to UB (B/L) 
Day7. Fly to South Gobi and drive to Yol valley (Vulture Canyon) (B/L/D)
Day8. Khongor sand dunes and camel riding (B/L/D)
Day9. Bayanzag or Flaming cliffs and Ongi temple ruins (B/L/D)
Day10. Kharkhorin -Erdenezuu monastery (B/L/D) 
Day11. Khorgo Tsagaan National Park, Volcano (B/L/D) 
Day12. Shine Ider, zuun Nuur Salt Lake (B/L/D)
Day13. Khuvsgul lake (B/L/D) 
Day14. Leisure day in the Khuvsgul lake (B/L/D)
Day15. Fly to UB (B/L/D)
Day16. Departure (B) 


All transportation listened in the itinerary
Twin share accommodation: hotel*** and in ger camps 
Three meals per day
Services of English speaking guide
All taxes and entrance fees to the protected areas
Sightseeing cost
All transfers between airport and hotel
Horse and camel riding cost


International transportation
Travel and medical insurance
Alcoholic drinks
Meals in UB