Explore Real  Mongolia

As a country of rich natural and diverse cultural heritages Mongolia presents plentiful festivals and events all year around from winter: Ice festival, Camel festival, Tsagaan Sar etc… to summer: Naadam festival, Yak festival, Tsaatan festival and Golden Eagle Festival etc…  
Winter in Mongolia is cold, but incredibly beautiful. It is a quiet season for tourists. In a country, still largely undeveloped, and with a rudimentary infrastructure, many parts of Mongolia are difficult to negotiate in the winter. The extreme cold dissuades visitors further. But this is exactly how we like it. Mongolia’s winters are home to incredible landscapes for those who are prepared. Most tourists’ flock here in summer to enjoy the comfortable temperatures and see the vast landscapes of wide open country and nomadic culture.

Naadam (Three Manly Games)
Event Date: 11th and 13th of July
Venue: Throughout Mongolia

The biggest festival of the Mongolia is the Naadam Festival celebrated in Mongolia nationwide on July 11-13. The festival is also locally termed "Eriin Gurvan Naadam" (эрийн гурван наадам) "the three games of men". The games are Mongolian wrestling, horse racing, and archery, and are held throughout the country during midsummer. Women have started participating in the archery and girls in the horse-racing games, but not in Mongolian wrestling.

Danshig Naadam Cultural Festival 
Event Date: at the beginning of Aug
Venue: In Ulaanbaatar

Similar to the National Naadam Festival, The Danshig Naadam festival occurs in Ulaanbaatar, and while it will still hold archery, horse racing and wrestling competitions, it differs from the earlier Naadam festival with its focus on the history and practice of Buddhism in Mongolia. Drawing on the traditional yearly gatherings of the seven Mongol princes of the Khalka province, the Danshig Naadam represents a symbolic demonstration of unity as well as a religious and political event for the Khalka Mongols.

Yak festival
Event Date: at 23rd of July
Venue: In Orkhon valley

In Mongolia, the yak plays an important part in supporting local livelihoods. Yaks are used to transport people and cargo, warm clothes are made from their wool, their milk, and meat provides food, and even their dung is used for fuel. While yaks are dependable domesticated animal, they are also surprisingly fast runner, especially in sprints. In Mongolia, yaks races are popular form of local entertainment.

Ice festival
Date: 1-3rd of March
Venue-: at the Khuvgul lake, Khatgal village

Have you ever dream of experiencing one of the coldest, but still mild winter of the earth?
Or would you want to explore a mystery of how nomads survive with their 5 snouts of pastoral animals within temperature as drops as minus 30 degrees? Or want you have an extraordinary experience as riding Mongolian horse or enjoying horse sleigh in the snow covered vast white steppe? Perhaps you are missing a natural black ice which is about 1.5m thick. And want you skate on it?

Camel festival
Date: 6th and 7th of March 
Venue: Bulgan village, South Gobi

Camel festival, held in the Gobi Desert, is a celebration of the endangered Bactrian camel. It is already one of the most famous winter festivals in the world. This festival was first initiated in 1997 by the locals of Umnugovi (South Gobi) province to celebrate Mongolian camels, to conserve the 2-humped Bactrian camel species, pass the rich Mongolian camel breeding heritage to the next generation, and to promote winter tourism in Mongolia.

Tsagaan Sar (Lunar New Year)
Date: 27th of Feb, 2017
Venue: Throughout Mongolia

The Mongolian Lunar New Year, commonly known as Tsagaan Sar (Mongolian: Цагаан сар / is the first day of the year according to the Mongolian lunar calendar. The festival of the Lunar New Year is celebrated by the Mongols
The customs of Tsagaan Sar is much different depending on the region. In Mongolia around the New Year for example, families burn candles at the altar symbolizing Buddhist enlightenment.